Life behind the lens

Life behind the lens

Back to blogging… who would’ve thought.

I have spent a fair share of my teenage years on social networking sites and in the blogging sphere. But you know how it goes: after a while you’re just not as interested anymore and you’re busy working on other things. In my case, that main ‘other thing’ was photography.


I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else, so after the initial random photos of equally random things and people, I started studying photography. First in the United Kingdom, then in Utrecht and finally in Amsterdam.

After I’ve graduated in the midst of a pandemic, I’m more focused on finding my own voice as a creator. Hence I decided to go back to blogging, sharing stories and experiences. See, I always found telling stories interesting, whether it was by pen, keyboard or by camera. So if you think about it, it was only a matter of time anyway before I’d go back to sharing words in a way similar to the way I share photos.  

Get to the point already…

I’m also hoping blogging will help me become better with words. I need too damn many of ’em to get my point across. Surely writing blogs every now and then will help me become better at this, right? Something about efficiency…


Other than improving my writing skills, I think this blogging will be of great use. In multiple ways, even. I want to cover things such as:

behind the scenes how I’m working on specific photos or projects

essays and other research texts, venting my opinions and/or thoughts

inspiration photographers and other art that inspires me

Can you tell I’m excited? I sure hope so! I won’t stick to an upload schedule, so you’ll have to wait a bit for my next post. But I do hope you’ll stick around. In the meantime, thank you for reading this, and you can always check my portfolio or follow me on Instagram (@rosanne.esme).

Oh and if you have a question, whether personal or photography related, drop it in the comments, I’d be happy to answer it for you! Either as a reply or as a future post 🙂


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