Bijlmer West/Hill City




Ongoing project about the newest neighbourhood of Amsterdam Zuidoost. Everyone calls it Amstel III, but as it’s actually a part of Zuidoost rather than Amstel, I prefer to call it Bijlmer West.

Still very much (if not fully) in development, but alongside all that construction, this neighbourhood is slowly forming its own identity. Bijlmer West intrigues me. It’s so new, it’s like a blank canvas, and simultaneously it’s literally next to the oldest and most stigmatised parts of Bijlmer. And in Bijlmer West, change happens quickly; I visit the area multiple times a week and even then, changes are clearly noticeable.

I’m capturing Bijlmer West as it’s changing so rapidly. I’m so curious to see how this identity will get its shape, and especially how this neighbourhood will be developing itself in relation to the rest of Zuidoost.


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